Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peter's Newly Found Revival

The saying is true " You don't realize your need for someone/something till its gone." Peter was one of Christ disciples who fallowed him and was engrossed around God holiness. The day came when Christ was to be captured and tried by the Sanhedrin and his disciples were with him,one of them was Peter. Now Christ told Peter that before the night ended he would deny him three times. Later on in the night it became evident that Peter surely denied Christ. Christ was taken from the disciples, no longer could the be enveloped in his holiness. By this time it hit Peter that Christ was gone, he would no longer be able to walk and talk with him in person as he once did. Christ's guilty servant ran back to Gethsemane,where Christ prayed to his father. He found the very spot where Christ sweat of blood lied on the ground below. Although Peter once walked with Christ he took him for granted.He didn't truly understand his constant need of Christ until he was taken from him. That night Peter had the greatest revival he had ever had. This revival changed his life for ever.   

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